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The Life Experience School is a Path with Heart

Welcome to the Life Experience Community Website

The Life Experience School Day Program is conducting all activities online.
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The Life Experience School is celebrating its 49th year of peace education!

“The school operates under a non-hierarchical (laissez-faire) style of leadership, similar to a Quaker Meeting in order to highlight the unique gifts and talents of staff and students alike.”
– Lewis Randa, Founder


Viewing at 16 Lavender Street, Millis, MA

“May all who view and touch the stone find comfort in placing their loss in a global context, for the human family suffers as one, and heals as one.”
Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui

The Global Pandemics Touchstone acknowledges the profound impact of COVID-19, HIV-AIDS and past pandemics (illness, death, job loss, foreclosures, bankruptcies, suicide, canceled events, etc.); it serves as an expression of gratitude for the extraordinary contributions and sacrifices made by healthcare and essential service workers throughout the world; and it holds the thoughts and prayers of all those who come to it in sorrow and bereavement.

Resting on the restored one-ton carriage, the Global Pandemics Touchstone was situated in several Cambridge, MA locations in the fall of 2020. In the future, it will travel through Massachusetts, to New York City, and to other locations in the United States and throughout the world.


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