UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Life Experience School Day Program has concluded its 50 year journey with our wonderful members attending 3 other programs in the area. Everyone is welcome to continue to be involved in the following initiatives through The LES Alumni Association. All peace education and social justice programs are operated from our new Plymouth Office where we continue with a focus on sharing the Traveling Sculpture Exhibit in nearby communities, maintaining and administering The Pacifist Memorial and the Unknown Civilians Killed in War and Animal Rights Memorial in Sherborn. We continue to develop and spread the Native Land Reparation Program on a national level, and have brought onboard a Native American friend to serve as director. We continue to bestow, in partnership with The Peace Abbey, the Int’l Courage of Conscience Award. Next award ceremony at the Sherborn Memorial on June 1st. The work to permanently install the Global Pandemics Touchstone on Hart Island (NYC) continues as we remain committed to circulating the National Registry for Conscientious Objection. A new and up-to-date website is under construction.