The Life Experience School is a Path With Heart


The Life Experience School is celebrating its 46th year!   We would like to invite those interested in supporting our program to visit and see what a small group of dedicated individuals is doing to promote peace in the community and the world.

The Life Experience Programs and projects provide individuals with learning challenges, complicated by neurological disorders, epilepsy, and/or developmental disabilities with unique opportunities to be actively involved in the community. (We accept individuals with seizure disorders who require additional assistance throughout the day.)  Whether through vocational training or altruistic involvement in the Special Peace Corps, members are actively engaged in meaningful activities that help them secure their place in society.

Our vision is to instill in each member a deeper level of self-respect and confidence, a sense of importance, belonging and well-being. Members are encouraged to reach beyond their limitations and to strive to enhance the quality of life of those in the community who need support, care, and attention. This is the credo of the Special Peace Corps and the essence of the Life Experience Program.

At LES, each individual grows and learns in an atmosphere of dignity, trust and love. Our challenge as educators is to enable each individual to recognize, accept and express their value as a member of the community, while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their birthright to make their unique contribution both to the community and the world.  Each person determines what they do each day – no day is the same – each day an exercise of freedom of choice.