Indra Guertler:  Thanks for everything you have done this past year for Matt.  He is a much happier and healthier person because of the culture you have created at LES.

Alan Burt:  I was so touched by your students as their openness, friendliness, humanness was so calming for me, even healing. Just knowing there are people as pure and beautiful as them inspires me.  Earth is being blessed by them. In my mind, they are angels in our midst.

Betsy Lussier:  Philip has taken us down so many roads that we would never have traveled on had we not had him. One of the best roads led us to the Life Experience School.  I truly cannot describe the wonderful difference knowing all of you has made to our lives.

Mother Teresa:  “My prayer is that The Life Experience School continues to prepare its children to become peacemakers in our troubled world – the true peace that comes from loving and caring and respecting the rights of everyone – my brother, my sister.”

Fr. Daniel Berrigan:  ” I wish I had started a place like this. The students are not being trained to be soldiers or corporate rip-off artists. We could use a few more thousand places like this.”

DDS Survey and Review:  “Individuals and families affiliated with the organization have consciously embraced the humanitarian and social justice objectives promoted by LES.  In keeping with this social justice perspective, the organization is deliberately non-hierarchal; individuals and staff have equal input on the decisions made at LES.”

Paula Brennen, Mainstay:  “The Life Experience School is a microcosm of how the world was meant to be . . . devoid of all prejudice springing from difference in economic advantages, skin color, intellectual gifts, physical capabilities. Families, once hopeless, flourish in an atmosphere where the balance of nature remains intact despite all odds. Even a brief visit can change you forever.”

Lois Mirshy, US Committee, UNICEF:  “I was touched both emotionally and intellectually by my visit. The sense of peace and well-being was palpable … you have fashioned an oasis for everyone who enters.”

Rosa Parks:  “I am very happy to know of the great work you are doing at The Life Experience School that young people might be able to feel themselves useful and helpful to people in need.”

Senator Edward Kennedy:  “You are doing an outstanding job working together to help other people. You are certainly carrying on my brother’s (RFK) legacy and exemplify his ideals of community service.”

Diana Chapman Walsh, President, Wellesley College: “We are two very different institutions, Wellesley is a college with a huge endowment and The Life Experience School is a little teeny place with enormous spirit.  It seems like a wonderful combination.”

Fr. Francis Soucy, OFM:   “The Life Experience School has been closely associated with St. Francis of Assisi, because what the school is doing is very much what St. Francis was doing.”

To Make Gentle the Life of the World

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