Sigma Pi Chi


Sigma Pi Chi is the first of its kind Greek social “Frasority” created by the Life Experience Program to address the desire of people with disabilities to link with college students on college campuses near their homes or day programs.

phillipOur primary goal at Sigma Pi Chi is to create an affiliation with fraternities and sororities through school athletic and social events: football, basketball & hockey games, dances, “Pepsi” pongs, etc.  Members of the Greek system on college campuses have a rich tradition of reaching out to those in need of inclusion through community service.

For young adults who are unable to enroll in college, Sigma Pi Chi offers unique opportunities to be part of the Greek system and enjoy exciting social events that take place on campus, under the care of participating sororities and fraternities.

To Make Gentle the Life of the World

The Life Experience School is under the care of the Peace Abbey Foundation

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