Gathering at Peacemakers Table

Join us each Thursday at 1:30 PM.  Email us first to schedule a seat
at the table:

Passing the Blessing Bowl & Silent Gathering
(Hallmark TV Special.)

We invite you to join us in the passing
of the Peace Abbey blessing bowl and being part of
our silent gathering. This is how we have celebrated
our individual and collective efforts over the past thirty
years to make the world less harsh, increasingly kind
and more loving. The simple gesture of placing one’s
fingers in the bowl of water and having the person
next to you dry your hands is our way of expressing
our gratitude for the work of your hands. Peacemakers
from throughout the world have joined us and we
would be honored to have you participate
as well.

IMG_6364 The bowl was acquired in Assisi, Italy in 1986
during the United Nations International Year of Peace
and was used during an olive branch ceremony prior
to the interfaith prayer service that involved the leaders
of the major faith traditions of the world.  The event, by
its very nature addressed in spirit the fact that religion
remains one of the most divisive elements in societies
throughout the world.

IMG_6369Please feel free to ask anyone at the table to share
with you what this experience symbolizes to them.
Its meaning differs from person to person though central
to its message is gratitude for the work of our hands.



Muhammad Ali came to the Peace Abbey and
Life Experience School on May 4, 1994, to receive the
Courage of Conscience Award and unveil the granite
memorial stone for Unknown Civilians Killed in War.

IMG_6529IMG_6364 (2)IMG_6521

Mother Teresa was invited to visit the Life Experience School by Lewis Randa during his visit to the Motherhouse of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta in 1987.  During her visit to Massachusetts on June 4, 1988, she broke from her schedule to gather with the students at LES to speak about peace, service, and love at the Peacemakers Table .  Her visit led to the establishment of the Peace Abbey
that year.

  “My prayer is that The Life Experience School continues to prepare its children to become peacemakers in our troubled world – the true peace that comes from loving and caring and respecting
the rights of everyone – my brother, my sister.”
Mother Teresa

To Make Gentle the Life of the World

The Life Experience School is under the care of the Peace Abbey Foundation

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