Working & Volunteering to make a Difference

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Members of the Life Experience Program are actively involved in employment opportunities as well as volunteer involvement through the Special Peace Corps at charitable and nonprofit sites:

Members of the Life Experience Program are engaged in activities at the following locations:

Present the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award
Mow and care for the Pacifist Memorial
Assist with the National Registry for Conscientious Objectors
General operation of the LES Day Program (paying bills)
Busing tables at C & L Sandwich Shop in Sherborn
Participate in Oxfam Direct Action
Assist the Grandmother Love Library Project
Assists at Isabella’s Deli in Millis
Assists at the Hope Chest Second Hand Shop in Millis
Office work at local Police Station
Assist shut-ins with yard work and animal care
School maintenance and yard care
Serves as altar assistant at St. Thomas Church in Millis
Vacuuming at St. Thomas Church
Polishing silver for local thrift shop
Folding boxes at local pizza parlor
Established student-run business baking and selling dog biscuits
Bake and sell horse treats to local horse stables
Assist at local fitness center

To Make Gentle the Life of the World

The Life Experience School is under the care of the Peace Abbey Foundation

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